Roberta Bottaro

Always passionate about everything related to behaviour, in 2006 I started my career as an educator.

I worked as educator in day care centers for children and at the time I laid the foundation for my career as a professional dog trainer.

After completing my master’s degree in pedagogy, I continued my studies with a master’s degree in psychology and then a professional master’s program in criminology (Lev.8 – EQF).

Today I am a licensed psychologist, professional dog trainer and criminologist.

It is not a question of starting. The start has been made. It’s a question of what’s to be done from now on.

B.F. Skinner

My Résumé



Professional Master’s Program in Criminology

University of Genova

Dissertation: “Comparison between police operators and K9-Units for the search for cell phones in italian jails: a pilot study”

2015 – 2017

Master degree in Psychology

University of Trieste

Dissertation: “Effects of consonant and dissonant music on scent discrimination behavior in dogs”

2009 – 2011

Master degree in Pedagogy

University of Genova

Dissertation: “Mute as a fish? Project of didactic zooanthropology at the Genoa aquarium”

2006 – 2009

Degree in Expert in training processes

University of Genova

Dissertation: “The effect of shift work on human life: a search among railway loco drivers”


2019 – in progress

Applied behavior analysis

Florida Institute of Technology

Professional development course at Florida Institute of Technology for BACB certification. I am a current student.


Qualified Psychologist

University of Pavia

Qualified to practice as a Psychologist


Canine fitness trainer

Professional training (1 year) for canine fitness and conditioning. Training programs for sporting and working dogs to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and overall conditioning in a safe, positive and effective way.


Professional dog trainer

Italian Kennel Club

Professional dog trainer certification for utility, sport and agility. In 2017 i complete my certification as hunting dogs trainer.

My experience


  • Alternate teacher in Criminology – Correctional Police Academy (Savona)
  • Teacher at first “Anti-poaching school” – Italian Kennel Club, Legambiente, Arma dei Carabinieri
  • Speaker at informative meetings for correctional police – Italian Kennel Club (Sollicciano, S.Giminiano)
  • Teacher at Italian Kennel Club Course for Dog Trainers – Gruppo cinofilo fiorentino
  • Teacher in psychology of learning at several dog training courses for sporting dogs


I teached and i am teaching at seminars and courses all around Europe and USA topics related to comparative psychology, dog training, dog sense of smell, psychology of missing people.

More about my working experience

  • Laboratory of Animal Cognition, University of Trieste, postdoc internship (2 yrs)
  • Italian Railways, employed at Professional School

More about my training in psychology

  • Course in investigative and criminal psychology, dissertation in forensic odorology
  • Course in interpretation of child’s drawing
  • Course on Alzheimer
  • Course on Criminology and psychopathology of passional crimes
  • Course on “Missing children and prevention strategies

Conferences and meetings (speaker)

  • Working dogs for conservation” – University of Torino (2018)
  • International Mantrailing Conference” – Budapest (2018)
  • The use of dogs for conservation purposes” – Italian Kennel Club (2017)
  • Training techniques and employment strategies of K9 units” – Guardia di Finanza Alpine School (2015)


R.Bottaro – The effect of shift work on human life: a search among railway loco drivers, 2007 Ed. La talpa

Fortebraccio, Riga, Bottaro, Donnini – Take it easy: scat detection dog and conservation of Italian Hare, XI Congresso italiano di teriologia 2018