Animal behaviour

Behavioral consultancy

Often I receive phone calls from owners looking for support in dog training and asking advice in behavioral problems.

I am available for consultancy in various areas such as:

  • Dog training: a theoretical-practical course aimed at laying the foundations for a fruitful relationship with your friend. During the course you will learn basic notions about dogs and their behavior and language. The practical part will be aimed at the construction of basic behaviors such as sit-stand-down, the stay, the leash management. Great importance will be given to the play activity with the dog.
  • Behavioral consultancy: bad behaviors are related to non-pathological attitudes of the dog while behavioral problems are linked to situations such as phobias or aggression. By applying modern behavioral modification techniques, we will work together  aimed at solving small and big problems.

Canine fitness…

Canine Fitness and Conditioning is not physiotherapy. These are personalized training courses dedicated to healthy dogs both puppies, adults or elderly.

These activities includes:

  • Cardio training to improve physical conditions
  • Balance training to improve proprioception and to reduce risk of injuries
  • Strenght training to improve core strenght and muscles power
  • Mobility to increase joint flexibility and fluency of movements
  • Mental and focus training

Detection mantrailing, tracking…

Since many years I have dedicated my career and my training to the study of dog sense of smell and the training of  K9 units involved into the search of missing people or hidden substances. You can contact me to request advice and lessons on this topics for both sport or professional purposes.

  • Mantrailing : dogs trained in mantrailing are able to discriminate the smell of a specific person  and to follow it both in urban environments and in rural / forest environments.  I can follow the team from the planning  of the training intervention to the pre-employment evaluation phase.
  • Tracking:dog trained in tracking are able to follow the track of a person or an animal both in urban/rural. I can follow the team from the planning  of the training intervention to the pre-employment evaluation phase.
  • Detection: My career in recent years has focused on the training of mobile phones detection dogs, for wildlife-environmental monitoring (scat detection, anti-poison, search for weapons and ammunition, etc) and for the search of human remains . I have been working as an instructor for several years with a Belgian company in the training of  NDD and EDD.

Clicker training…

Clicker training is a training method based on the principles of behavioral psychology and consists in marking the desired behaviors and reinforcing them.

The clicker is an object that emits, if activated, a sound, a clear and short “click” that tells the animal which is the exact moment in which it is showing the desired behavior. It is therefore a form of clear communication that when associated with positive reinforcement, is an effective and safe method to teach the animal any behavior that is able, physically and mentally, to issue.

The clicker training is particularly effective because the animal is aware of the whole training course and the behaviors it is learning, rather than learning without awareness. This means that the animals are able to remember the behaviors learned even after many years.

The clicker training, initially developed for dolphins, can be used with any animal and with people (sportsmen, dancers, etc.)

  • If you are an owner, thanks to the clicker training you can learn how to build many exercises with which to have fun with your dog
  • If you are an instructor, thanks to the clicker training you can improve the training  that you offer to your customers
  • If you are a dog handler, introducing clicker training in working with your dog can increase the accuracy and speed with which the dog performs the activity.

Clicker training is now widespread everywhere, but not everyone works the same way. I have spent the last 12 years of my life studying the principles of psychology and my approach to clicker training is based on solid scientific foundations. More than the art of training I prefer to refer to the science of training.

Courses and seminars…

Thanks to years of study and practice in the field with my dogs, today I am available for seminars courses and lectures dedicated to both dog lovers and young professionals who are laying the foundations of their careers or experienced professionals who want to update their professional skills. I can help you in the following subjects:

  • Psychology of learning
  • Comparative psychology
  • Focus, motivation, play
  • What neuroscience says about emotions
  • Dog sense of smell
  • Mantrailing
  • Detection
  • Tracking
  • Clicker Training

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