Human psychology

I/O Psychology

The I/O psychologist is a professional that helps to understand and analyze,  the realities related to the work environment, a reality of increasing complexity. The workplace today is often highly competitive and workers can feels conflictual environemtn with a lack of space for conflicts resolution.

In an increasingly complex environment, the training of human resources assumes a key relevance for the success of any company.

The company’s value is not based solely on the quality of  products and services offered nor on the technical skills of its workers. The company’s success derives also from the will and ability to develop the potential of its employees.

In the field of  I/O psychology and organizations I offer corporate training courses (eg leadership styles, assertive communication, team management, work related stress), human resources assessment, climate and corporate culture analysis, evaluation/performance management, analysis of job positions.

Sport psychology…

Sport psychology concerns those activities aimed at providing a basis for understanding and stimulating the behavior of those who practice sport or physical activity. One of the goals is to improve the functioning and performance of individuals and groups. Sports psychology deals with studying the mental factors that influence and are influenced by participation in physical or sporting activities.

In the field of sports psychology I offer consultancy about evaluation of mental sports skills (such as self-esteem, motivation, level of attention), analysis of competitions and training using videos, technical analysis, assertive communication, team building, increase performances, qualitative and quantitative research, health promotion in sport, training and information concerning the use of doping, education to sport as a moment of socialization, courses for coaches.

In addition to being a psychologist, for ten years I have been an instructor in a sports association.

Psychology of learning…

In the field of Psychology of learning you can ask me advices on school choice, you can find support in exams/dissertation prep and I can offer training on main topics of thies field of study.

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